Commerce and economic law

Drawing up Contracts

Commercial activities go hand in hand with the need to draw up sound, legally binding contracts that focus on your specific interests as a company. We will assist you with the preparation of these contracts. First and foremost we will listen to your wishes and requirements and then deliver contracts tailored to your needs. In addition to drawing up the various contracts, we will also provide support during any negotiations that precede them. After all, your interests are our main concern.

General terms and conditions

A sound and comprehensive contract has to be combined with general terms and conditions. The ‘small print’ as it is known will save you a lot of time, because it limits the risks you as an entrepreneur are exposed to. General terms and conditions may contain information concerning liability, payment terms, warranty periods, etc. Where applicable, we can also assist you with other contractual documentation.

Consumer rights

Irrespective of where you buy goods or services in the European Union, as a consumer you will have the same protection anywhere pertaining to information on contracts, prices and payments, VAT, dispatch and delivery, and guarantees and cancellation. We provide advice to consumers and act on their behalf both in and outside the courts.

Late payment

If your contracts are not complied with and you are dealing with unpaid invoices, we would recommend that you look at our ‘claims’ page.


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