Civil law

Civil or private law governs relationships between individuals. In other words, this branch of law covers a wide range of areas, including landlord/tenancy law, transport law, liability law and contract law.

Landlord/tenancy law

Irrespective of whether it concerns the rental of dwellings or trade premises and/or leasing arrangements, it will always involve various elements that could be of crucial importance. Home rentals are subject to different legislation than that covering trade rentals, which in turn is different from legislation pertaining to leasing arrangements.

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Traffic law

Did you have a positive breathalyzer test, were you caught speeding, involved in an accident or did you cause an accident, or jump a red light? Or have you received a summons? Whatever your situation, we will manage the entire administration on your behalf and arrange everything with the prosecution department, your insurers and the court.

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Liability law

Liability occurs for many reasons. As a result of your own actions or negligence, or the behaviour of someone else for whom you are responsible. It settles the compensation or repair of damages incurred. With our many years of experience and expertise we are able to provide support and advice to private individuals, insurers, insurance agents and businesses.

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