Landlord/tenancy law

We are ready to use our expertise in this branch of law in order to assist you with issues concerning the rental of dwellings or trade premises and/or leasing arrangements. Depending on the individual case, we will defend the interests of both tenants and landlords.


There are always various elements that might be of crucial importance, for both tenants and landlords. Home rentals are subject to different legislation than that covering trade rentals, which in turn is different from legislation pertaining to leasing arrangements.

Notice periods and compensation, as well as what action needs to be taken in the event of damage to premises or various other issues, all need to be considered. Nullity of rental or leasing agreements, each with their own specific consequences, also plays a part.

General terms and conditions

We can also provide appropriate agreements for specific situations for both tenants and landlords, in which we always purposely focus on general terms and conditions since, similar to other agreements, the small print is significant in such agreements also. General terms and conditions have a dual purpose. On the one hand they will strengthen your commercial position and on the other hand they will protect your legal position, e.g. by imposing interest charges in the event of late payment.


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