Family law


Are you experiencing problems with a national or international adoption, an ordinary adoption or an adoption with severance of family ties? We understand the often emotional impact of these situations and would be happy to assist you with the judicial process.


We offer support to fathers, mothers and co-mothers confronted with issues such as recognition or contention of origins, instigation of a judicial enquiry, a DNA test, the granting or change of a family name, changes to a birth certificate, etc.


If your marriage is no longer harmonious and you don’t envisage any future improvements in the situation, you may decide to file for divorce, either on your own or in conjunction with your partner. Spouses can divorce by mutual consent or on the basis of irreparable breakdown of the marriage. However, divorce is only the beginning. Often jointly owned assets have to be divided or the spouses are partners in a commercial venture. If they also have children together, sound and well balanced arrangements have to be put in place, taking into account everyone’s wishes. We are here to assist you with matters such as parental authority, child maintenance and, where applicable, personal maintenance payments. We will guide and support you with the handling of issues concerning property/assets and personal affairs. Our lawyers’ extensive expertise, accrued over more than two decades, and their humanitarian approach are our biggest asset.

If you prefer to settle any of the above mentioned issues out of court, please refer to our webpage concerning alternative dispute resolution mediation.

De facto or Legal Co-habitation

If you are de facto or legally co-habiting with your partner, you may find yourself in a situation involving the breakdown of understanding in your relationship to the extent that you decide to no longer co-habit. This may well be less complicated than a divorce, but often these situations also involve children for whom sound and well balanced arrangements need to be made. If the partners jointly own shared assets or are both involved in a commercial venture, they will often need to be divided. We are here to support you using our expertise in order to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

If you prefer to settle any of the above mentioned issues out of court, please refer to our webpage concerning alternative dispute resolution mediation.

Involuntary Admission

Involuntary admission is meant to be a protective measure. Someone who is a danger to themselves or to others may be admitted to a psychiatric ward/institution involuntarily. We would be happy to assist you with the procedures associated with this kind of admission.

Preliminary Power of Attorney

There may come a time when you or your next of kin no longer have the mental capacity to manage your income and assets. People who find themselves in such a situation may become the subject of a preliminary power of attorney. The initiative for this arrangement may come from the person who needs protection themselves, from family members or from friends and/or acquaintances. The Justice of the Peace at the location of the person who needs protection has the authority to appoint someone with power of attorney. We understand that situations such as these often involve difficult decisions and we are happy to guide you through this process in word and deed.


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